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Step-By-Step – How To Earn Dollars Monthly From Amazon With Just Your Smartphone And Secondary School Knowledge.

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Do You Know?

My mom started Amazon KDP months after I did. Well, it was totally my idea.

I got sick of seeing her wake up and leave home by 7am to rush to work (and to school as a student in the University).

She was getting darker, and I sometimes wished my family was that blessed that she needed not to work.
And in February 2022, I got her a laptop that she should start Amazon KDP. It was a shock to her. Of course, my parents suspected me. How did she get the money?

I spent nights explaining to her how she could start making $200-$1000 monthly without going to work.

Like you, she never believed it. Then I set out to open an account for her and promised to prove it to her that it is possible. And within a short while, I pulled $100.

Since then, she has been looking forward to her resignation. For the facts, my mom isn’t computer literate.

That is why I made this FOR YOU!

Amazon KDP for Smartphone

A tested way to turn your smartphone into a dollar machine!!!

Have you been told that you need a laptop to earn in dollars? And you were highly discouraged?

Worry no more because with just your ANDROID AND IPHONE with internet connection, I will be teaching you how to earn from $200-$1000 monthly uploading documents on Amazon. THIS BUSINESS MODEL IS CALLED AMAZON KDP, but with your Smartphone.

The Reason Why You Need This Method:

Like many of them, you want to earn online but the talk of Having a laptop puts you off immediately.

And the price of things in the market don’t care if you have money or not, it keeps increasing…

Is it wrong to

  • Have a monthly source of income asides your 9-5?
  • Have a source of income in dollars as a student?
  • Have a way of earning without leaving your house as a mother?

Your answers are NO. And you want to do it with just your phone. That’s why YOU NEED THIS.

What is Amazon KDP?

Maybe you've been hearing about Amazon KDP and how people publish books without writing; but you don't understand how it happens or what they mean.

Well, Welcome. I have been into Amazon KDP for quite sometime.
Here are proof of payments & publications:

AMAZON KDP (fully, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing) is a self-publishing platform owned by World’s richest man Jeff Bezos. It is part of his E-commerce Company, Amazon.

Now, It is called Self-publishing because – unlike normal publishing – it is done by the Authors themselves FOR FREE.

Yes, you don’t have to pay Amazon to publish your book either as eBook or paperback, even hardcover. All you do is Upload your book, set price, and Amazon displays your book to its Millions of audience.

WHY would Amazon do it for free? How does Amazon earn from it?

Simple. As your book sells, you give Amazon 30% of every copy of eBook sold, and 40% of paperback sold minus printing cost.

So, let’s say your book sells for 4.99 dollars. If you make 1 sale, Amazon takes 30% and you get 3.49 dollars. Now, imagine that you sell 100 copies of that 1 book in a month… HOW MUCH?

3.49 x 100 = $349 from 1 book! 1 book Grace.

Convert that to your currency and see the figures 😊😊.

Let’s Continue…

Amazon is for Self-publishers. And this does not mean Authors or writers alone. Even non-writers make good sum of money monthly. Just pay attention to what I will be unveiling later.

I even love Amazon KDP as a non-writer than writer. I am poet, and I have been published in many online magazines.

But I don’t sell my poem collections on Amazon or books I write. Why?

Now, if you go as an author on Amazon, YOU CAN still sell. Just that, it may be difficult to rake in sales, because:

  • You are not popular to the US audience (about 80% of sellers on Amazon sell to the US)
  • It will take you time to write many books (because the more books you have on Amazon, the higher you earn – because of more sales)
  • I know many authors struggling to earn on the same Amazon.

And so on.

So, at this point, if you are strongly in pursuit of fame that results from being a published author, I will kindly advice that you stop reading; I am of less help to you. I know what I am saying.

BUT if you are tired of being broke. If you want to start feeding yourself and family. If you want to stop being a disturbance to friends, uncles, boyfriends etc, LISTEN to me.

I am not saying you can’t publish your books, or that you shouldn’t. In fact, with the knowledge you will get, you can publish your own books. But I want you to treat this as a business. Eat first, my friend.

Why Should You Believe Me?

I may not have been long under your mentorship but I can say that it has been really helpful because now, I seem to have a direction in Amazon KDP. God bless you.

Mrs. Margaret-Mary

5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

If you are looking for someone who will put you through any course you got through him, Miss Shantel Shannon is that person. The time & passion she applies in Mentorship is more than enough to make any serious individual succeed. I will recommend her anywhere, anytime.

5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

You are a great mentor. Selfless and always available to recreate what we have almost destroyed. Having you has positively shaped my online space, you are indeed a true leader. keep it up and, I wish to see you in person one day!!


4.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

So far, your mentorship is great. You’re Always optimizing our zeal with it. You always want to carry everyone along. You like your student being successful. And you like them researching things for themselves. You like them being consistent. You’ve given us some secret and tips in business to succeed. Your mentorship doesn’t rely only on one direction, you want your students to see ways in many business routs.

You don’t tribalize, everyone is your family. You welcome peace and I love it. I learnt most things from you, which is not giving up. Your teachings are good. Lastly, breath you give your students is giving them life to those who utilize them.

Emmanuel Victor

4.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Don’t believe anything they say up there? Taste me yourself.

I know for many writers, types of books will be according to genre: poetry anthologies, fiction, thriller, non-fiction, biographies, and so on.

This is not a problem. When I started, I made 18 books on Amazon (it is too small) and I created them within 45 days. If not for laptop-crash and school, I would have gotten to 50.

wait, you wrote 18 books in 45 days?

Yes. This is where it gets more interesting.

If you stay till the end, I will tell you how I (and others) create books without writing. This not Hyperbole, believe it…

But do you know that people sold Summaries, How-to books, Analyses, No-content books, Low-content books, playbooks, workbooks, color books, children play books, jotters, Sketch books and so on?

And these books require little or NO text


For this Smartphone course:

  • Get your contents as an Epub file.
  • For eBook, design your book cover and save as JPEG
  • For paperback, Design your book cover and save as PDF
  • Title/edit your book
  • Get your keywords ( This is where the money is. KEYWORDS are those phrases/words people need to type in the search bar of Amazon Kindle for your book to appear out of over the Billions of books listed there. On KDP, you are allowed to give 7 keywords. And you just don’t put any rubbish. NO WE RESEARCH ON THE RIGHT KEYWORDS TO USE )
  • Set your book description
  • Select price

And wait as the sales roll in.


In my mentorship group, 1k dollars every month, we set a task of publishing a book every day. Some people even publish 3 a day. That shows you that we aren’t here for jokes.

Now, I listed all you have to do, but, DO YOU KNOW HOW TO DO IT?

Get into the Academy

Secure your place in the community of those
who want to turn their phones into dollar ATMs

$100 just for a limited time only and will soon
becomes $1,000!!!


What you need to thrive on Amazon are 3 things:

  1. A Smartphone
  2. Internet connection
  3. Knowledge

The Knowledge Covers

Creating KDP & US Account ✓

And how to make the most of your dollars when converted.

Creation of the following books ✓

  1. Summary books
  2. Color books
  3. Evergreen books
  4. Lined Notebook

All without writing.

Also, how to design book covers for each kind.

Extras ✓

  • Understanding pricing
  • Keywords Mastery
  • Crafting book title, subtitle, and descriptions that sell
  • Staying Safe on Amazon

Swipes and templates files ✓


  1. Quillbot premium. Value: $19.95/monthly
  2. Grammarly Premium. Value: $30/monthly
  3. Canva Premium. Value: $12.99/monthly

Total: $62.94/monthly

But you will get them FOR FREE in this course.

Get into the Academy

Secure your place in the community of those

who want to turn their phones into dollar ATMs

Did You Know?

With this course you can do Amazon KDP anywhere and keep raking in dollars.

Most phones last longer on charge than laptops. So you don’t have to stop business because your Laptop is down.

Portability. You can be anywhere and run your business. Imagine trying to use your laptop in a bus? But you can use your phone.

Less cost. Phones consume less data than Laptops. So, you save more.

The course is highly adjusted to fit your pocket size… talking about the cost.


Do I need to refer to earn?


No need for referrals to earn. No need to bring two people that'll bring two people.

Will you mentor me if I get started?


Once you get started, you will be given access to my WhatsApp and Telegram groups.
And the mentorship is for a lifetime.

Do I have to run ads?


No need to run ads. But you can scale up by running Amazon ads. But that is not my focus for starters. The money you get from Amazon KDP can be reinvested into that.

How do I earn?

This is relative. What I believe you should focus on is How fast can I start publishing?
When I started KDP, I stayed from 12am to 7am learning how to publish, and I published my first book. That book started selling in 2 days time and went to selling up to $90. It is still not my highest earning book. If you follow me on WhatsApp, you will know these things.

You will also know that my mom sold her first copy of a book one day after publishing it. Yes, my mom does KDP too. And I started selling a book the same day I published it.

So, to answer this question, you can start earning by publishing, & publishing regularly.
Do I have to post my books on social media?

No need to market your books on social media to attract buyers.

Amazon has over 300 million audience.
✓ I don't have a voter's card! 

Well you don't need a Voter's card to open a US account.

I will be showing you how you can use your NIN slip or card.

I will also teach you how to generate your NIN card in less than 15 minutes.

But if you have Voter's card, International passport, driver's license or any utility bill that has your name, welcome.
How do I get paid? 

Your money will be sent to your US account straight.

And you may wish to withdraw to your Nigerian bank account or a domiciliary account to withdraw as cash and change it in black market (highly recommended).
But with the method I will be showing you, you may not need black market.

I don't have a laptop, can I do it with my phone? 

In February 2022, I said “No”. Why?

You needed Microsoft word, Microsoft Publisher, Google extensions, some software etc, and phones couldn’t do this.

But guess what?


Many loved me for that. And I bet you do already.
So, YES, you can do it with your Android phones.

Get into the Academy

Secure your place in the community of those
who want to turn their phones into dollar ATMs

$100 just for a limited time only before it becomes $1,000!!!

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