About me

Shantel Maxwell – 28 yrs old, mixed race, born and raised in the United States, I’m a poet, author, affiliate marketer, mentor

I remember when I first found out that I could earn money online, I was skeptical.

“Will this work?” “Is this not another ponzy scheme?” “I don’t want my money to go o”.

But the lack I was facing then was enough pain already. Work from 9am-7pm carrying chemicals weighing 24kg upwards. I started developing muscles even. I became dark, thin, and I was always tired. God knew I was only doing that to have cash. Daily, I lamented about how the mornings come fast.

Worse part, when time comes for school, I find out that I saved nothing and I begin to scratch everywhere for funds to resume. It was horrible mehn. Terribly horrible. Work for 4 weeks with hope to get something to resume with, but looking at resumption with dismay. Don’t ask if I have parents. I do. And I also have 4 siblings. I am the first, I can’t leave my responsibility to my parents anymore, they still have 4 to handle.

Maximum of 2 weeks, I always called dad in school for one money or the other. 1500, 2000, 3000 will come, and before I get 4 handouts and Detergents, I’m broke again. I started taking pictures of handouts. I turned a 75-page statistic handout into pdf. It was stressful but I had to do it to catch up educationally. I even deserted my first SIM because I owed MTN 1500. . Life wasn’t easy. I applied for different scholarships in my UG1, with my G.P of 4.8 out of 5. I wasn’t even called for screening exams.

I wanted to help. Honestly I wanted to. But, life wasn’t ready for my cries, but action. 2021, I took a new course of life. Invested in myself by getting a course from borrowing from 2 sources. I toiled hard to ensure I pay back. Due to the frustration, I wasn’t patient to learn; I rushed everything. And to my greatest hit, I couldn’t meet up my deadline for payment. I dodged my borrower since I was in school. But, I kept working. During my 200L second semester break, I stayed back at school. That time, I took my time to stay patient with learning.

And today,

– I pay my school fees

– I pay for feeding

– I bought a new Samsung Galaxy of almost 100k (I was using techno of 22k before).

– I bought a laptop (Samsung) for my mom to do KDP when I finally resume school, and a new HP for myself.

– I now send money to my parents.

– I handle some of my siblings wants

– I am more confident about my future.

Don’t think I have 2 heads? I don’t. You can do it too.

You can literally take your life from 4 figures to 6,7 figures, not in a day or week oh, but that’s why we call it growth. I don’t like giving fake promises.

You can live life comfortably. Have your house, pursue your passion, have time for your family, go on vacation, help the poor.

The poor cannot help the poor. So, get rich.

And I’m here to help you achieve this dream. I will take you in every step provided you want me to. I will be available to answer questions. I will also give you access to premium tools for free

So you don’t have to face the same situation I faced while starting.

But let’s assume you fail!

Yes, that you start this journey and nothing comes out of it while you were consistent.

That will be terrible for me too. I want to be the best course creator in AMAZON KDP (I am already a prodigy for doing it with Smartphone).

And if I keep getting people that don’t achieve their dreams, how am I supposed to be that?

How did I get a group of over 160 people who trust me and are learning from me?

I love you. I hope you love yourself too? I hope you love yourself too?

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